Trigger Warning: The content below contains information on mental illness which some readers may find triggering. If you need support, please contact the Ontario Shores crisis line: 1-800-263-2679.

My life did a 180°: Steven’s Story

For a time, Steven seemed like he had it all: money, family, and a successful career. He was a member of various local business chambers and active in the community.

Then, everything changed. He and his wife divorced. Things were hard for their five children, and Steven was consumed by negative thoughts.

A few bad decisions led to him spending time in jail.

When he was released, Steven struggled to fit into society. He lived constantly with the idea that he would never be able to lead a good life again. That’s when he turned to Ontario Shores.

At Ontario Shores, Steven’s life did a complete 180°. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, prescribed medication and underwent cognitive behavioural therapy. He regained the confidence he needed to change his circumstances for the better.

Steven decided to start his own business. After eight successful months, COVID-19 hit, affecting him both financially and mentally. But this time, thanks to the care he received at Ontario Shores, Steven had the tools he needed to move forward.

“What helped me stay resilient through the chaos was the education I received from Ontario Shores,” he says. “I used the coping strategies they taught me to succeed once again.”

Today, Steven is doing well. He is grateful to have his family back, his own house to live in, and (as he says is most important) his happiness. 

When you give to Ontario Shores, you are helping more people like Steven turn their lives around and discover hope they may not have dreamed possible. By donating today you can equip those struggling with mental health with the tools they need to cope, recover, and rebuild their lives.

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